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Anti-mask detectors: not a luxury !

For some time now, there has been a new trend in burglaries, especially in shops and office buildings. Burglars bypass the alarm system without you even noticing, until the events occur.

You look on passively ...
How these gangs operate is a cause for great concern. They visit the building in advance and determine how the security system works and where the detection points are exactly located. By day, while you are present in the building, they mask or blind the detectors.
How do they do this? Simply by covering them with a sticker or by spraying them with aerosol paint.
The consequences?  When you arm the alarm system in the evening, it seems as if nothing is wrong. Nothing is further from the truth … These gangs often break into the building the same night. The detectors on their route have been “blinded”. As a result, they can operate undisturbed without triggering the alarm. If you are lucky, the burglars will be caught on camera, but by then it’s too late, of course …

With anti-mask detectors you can prevent such problems.
As its name suggests, an anti-mask detector cannot be masked.

Contrary to regular detectors, these appliances can check their own vision.
When do they do this?  Throughout the day.
How?  In case someone puts or hangs something in front of the detector, or sprays it, the detector immediately sends a signal to the premises control unit. You are warned through a beep and a message on your display. When you arm your alarm system, you can know for sure whether all detectors are functioning.

A&E has applied this technology for several years. And this has produced the desired result!
In the past, this detector type was mostly used in case of a higher degree of risk, but it is now increasingly applied by default out of necessity!
As a security specialist, we are obviously aware of the latest trends in terms of the modus operandi of criminals and always try to stay one step ahead of them and provide our customers with the most adequate solution.

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