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Testimonials from clients


Lecot has every alert remotely checked

Philippe De Veyt, Managing Director at Lecot: “Our security officer, Bernard Vandercruyssen, used to be called up several times a night for – often false – alerts in one of our thirty branches. The cause was usually a human error: a door had not been locked properly, a window was open, the system had not been switched on correctly ... These problems quickly turned his security task into a burden. In addition, the indirect security costs increased. So something had to be done, but what? Should we call in an external guard in case of alerts? Or put several employees in charge of security? We sought advice from A&E Security, the firm that secured our central warehouse, among other things.”

The solution? Remote verification
Bernard Vandercruyssen: “We opted for remote technical verification by the A&E service desk. As a result, the number of interventions and worries for our security service dropped by 80%. My staff and I are now able to sleep soundly again, as the A&E Security service desk and the Remote Support Centre keep an eye on things around the clock. And every day at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. we receive a report on the previous 12 hours. How does it work? A&E Security verifies each alert, and filters out any false alarms. In addition, they also remotely solve any technical failures at once. The number of on-site visits is now limited to a minimum. Another huge advantage is code management. Now we are sure that not a single code is redundant or lacking in each one of our branches. And if necessary, the Remote Support Centre can remotely and quickly cancel a risk code.”

Lecot security service now enjoys a well-earned night’s rest
Bernard Vandercruyssen: “Thanks to the watertight verification procedure we can now sleep soundly and I could pass on my responsibilities with confidence to Joost De Loof, our prevention adviser and head of security.  The Remote Support Centre observes the well-defined directives at every notification. And by expertly filtering out unwanted notifications, it eliminates 80% of our worries.”