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Testimonials from clients


De Boes P&H keeps an eye on all machinery by means of camera surveillance

De BOES P&H, a company manufacturing plastic containers and lids for the food, chemical and cosmetics industries, enlisted the help of A&E Security for burglary prevention and camera surveillance two years ago. Manager Mike De Boes now gets an alarm message with every burglary attempt. In addition, he can check his machinery wherever and whenever he wants via the camera images on his tablet, smartphone and computer. Security measures that give him peace of mind.

Face to face with a burglar
“Our company is located next to our house. One night, my wife saw an intruder in the garden. Our dog’s barking scared him away, but three other companies in the neighbourhood were targeted by burglars that night. Were it not for our dog, we would have been one of them. I knew the A&E Security division in Sint-Niklaas and immediately ordered a burglar alarm system. When somebody tries to get in, an alarm goes off and I get a call from the alarm receiving centre. I then check the camera images to see what is going on.”

Cameras as a second pair of eyes
“At our company we have 13 machines running around the clock as the production line is fully automatic. I have to be able to keep an eye on my machines at any given time so that malfunctions can be detected as soon as possible. A&E Security proposed a high-quality camera system. When something goes wrong, a light comes on. The images are furthermore extremely sharp, and the zoom function enables me to check the smallest detail. These cameras are now my second pair of eyes. They give me peace when I make deliveries or visit customers. Even when travelling, I keep a watchful eye from a distance.”

Always a technician in the vicinity
We also have a maintenance contract with A&E Security. A technician inspects our security systems on an annual basis. If there is a problem, one phone call suffices. A&E Security contacts a technical team in the area and they will come and address the malfunction as soon as possible. In other words, we are very satisfied with the security systems and service provided by A&E Security.