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Testimonials from clients


Sports Direct’s security system expands in line with our chain stores

David Van Gansbeke, Retail Operations Manager Belux Sports Direct :

“Sports Direct is expanding rapidly. In a few years’ time, the retail chain has grown from 25 to 44 chain stores in Belgium and the rest of Europe. A&E Security guarantees a uniform total security system – intrusion and fire detection, camera surveillance and access control – for each store, including a central monitoring, reporting and control system.”

Collaboration since 1995
David Van Gansbeke : “From the start 15 years ago, we have counted on A&E Security for securing our chain stores. In A&E Security, we have found a partner who actively shares its views and provides a total package: camera surveillance, fire and intrusion detection, and access control. Our cooperation has intensified in line with our expansion. We wanted to adopt a uniform approach for all our stores in Belgium and abroad: in Spain, Slovenia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland and Hungary. In addition, we dreamt of a central monitoring, reporting and control system. A&E Security combined its technologies and services so that we got a customised security package, and it is perfectly possible to manage this package remotely.”

Familiar approach – also abroad
In the first stage, A&E Security installed all systems itself, including the ones in our stores in France for instance. In the second stage, A&E has relied on local partners with the same technologies for installations outside Belgium. How does it work? At first, an experienced A&E Security technician provides support to the local partner on site. The latter receives a strict manual for future projects, and can always count on technical support from the A&E Service Desk. As a result, all our reports are uniform, created centrally and managed remotely. This way, we always retain an overview and quickly develop new insights. This is crucial if you want to react quickly.

Access code and badge management via HERA
We monitor and manage our access codes and badges by means of HERA software. This is a must, since (new) employees constantly come and go in our numerous stores. HERA keeps a log of everything that takes place. This guarantees a rapid analysis and approach. We also manage our intrusion detection and camera surveillance systems centrally and remotely. Contact with A&E’s Service Desk and Remote Support Centre is excellent. They analyse and filter each and every alarm signal in advance so as to minimise interference with our operations.

Safe overnight deliveries
Our products have to be on the shelves as soon as possible. This is why we make deliveries several times a week, mostly at night. When our employees start to work early in the morning, all products are already delivered. And when the stores open a few hours later, everything is neatly shelved. Our hauliers are less affected by traffic jams, but they need to open and close our warehouses themselves. We therefore turned to A&E Security for a simple and 100% safe night delivery entrance system. The result is an innovative, user-friendly and highly flexible solution. This is necessary because we are never completely sure when the driver will arrive at his destination. The Remote Support Centre monitors everything 24/7.

A&E Security’s principal added value ?
A&E Security has all technologies and knowhow at its disposal to provide a total solution, and takes care of the maintenance of your system. As a result, you only have one security partner and one point of contact. However, the greatest added value for us is the long-term relationship. A&E truly is a reliable partner. They understand our corporate culture and know how we operate. This enables them to immediately put our requests in the right context. This results in tailored solutions that offer us exactly what we ask for. In addition, they share their views with their customers in a proactive and flexible manner.