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Testimonials from clients


Lantmännen - Unibake : Central access control system controls access to three sites.

Swedish industrial bakery Lantmännen-Unibake has three sites in Belgium: Mouscron, Londerzeel and Ganshoren (near Brussels). The human resources division manages the access rights of all staff members for the three sites via a central access control system. The company furthermore makes use of camera surveillance to keep an eye on its premises and to monitor its processes.  Steven Bloeyaert explains.

Central access control system
“The doors at our sites open through a badge system. You keep your badge in front of an electronic eye that reads your access rights.  Your access rights depend on your position. The three sites are managed by one central system. This means you need only one badge, including for the new building at the Londerzeel site: a brand-new, automated distribution warehouse for the storage of 24,500 pallets.”

Camera surveillance keeps intruders away
“Camera surveillance on the outer walls of our buildings deters intruders, provides clarity in case of accidents in the car park and enables us to keep an eye on the loading and unloading of the trucks. So the cameras are a prevention measure.”

Cameras for process monitoring
“We also use cameras to monitor the production line processes. There are no operators at certain locations. The images of the process monitoring cameras provide clarity in case of blockage or other problems: what went wrong? We consult those images via several computers. We will also install cameras on the roller track in the new warehouse. This track automatically takes the pallets to the right location.”

Strong Service Desk
“A&E Security’s main asset? Their technicians know our company and our access control and camera surveillance systems like the backs of their hands. I do not have to go to the site where a problem presents itself. They know themselves where they have to be and what needs to be done. That’s a good thing, as I work at the three sites and am not always at the right location.”