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Testimonials from clients


Camera surveillance resolves disputes at Fides Petfood

Damage to company buildings, disputes on inbound and outbound deliveries, lost equipment or absenteeism ... These are only some of the reasons to opt for camera surveillance. When pet food producer Fides Petfood contacted A&E Security to secure its site in Ostend last year, they made up their minds quickly. Technical Manager Thijs Tempelaere : “We were looking for a prevention system to keep an eye on our production site in Ostend. Camera surveillance appeared to be the perfect solution.”

Keeping an eye open around the clock
Fides Petfood is operational 24 hours a day for 5 days a week. The management is not always present to keep an eye on the building. As a result, equipment disappeared from time to time and there were occasional pickup and delivery problems. It was virtually impossible to identify who was responsible. Until the company installed a camera surveillance system. Thijs: “The cameras deter potential thieves and provide clarity in case of problems. We now have everything that happens around our building on record.“

Camera surveillance pays for itself
Thijs: “In one year’s time, our camera surveillance system has enabled us to resolve several disputes. If a customer claims that his bags with pet food were torn or that he received one pallet too many or too few, we just have a look at the images recorded at the loading and unloading dock. Camera images do not lie. This allows us to avoid yes/no discussions. Camera surveillance also provided clarity when an external driver damaged the unloading dock – the railing had come loose and concrete debris had fallen to the ground. This means that our system pays for itself quickly. In particular when you consider current camera prices.”

Why A&E Security?
Thijs: “We made contact with A&E Security because they had installed an alarm system in the house of one of our managers. And we are very pleased with the cooperation: the contacts are good, the installation went smoothly and you can fully rely on their professional advice. A specialist analyses your premises to determine the best possible location of the cameras. A demo in the office enables you to discover all possibilities with your own eyes. When deciding which camera surveillance system to buy, we followed the advice of our A&E project manager Johan Syryn. He is the specialist.” 

Continued cooperation
Thijs: “Prevention is better than cure. That’s why we will extend our camera system with production line cameras next year. This will enable us to address machinery problems more swiftly and avoid expensive standstills. Additional security measures will also be installed in the new offices: access control and fire detection. A&E Security is already busy with the preparations and will steer everything in the right direction once again.”

Fides Petfood: treats for cats and dogs
International family business Fides Petfood is part of Group Depre and has branches in Belgium, the Netherlands and France. Fides Petfood produces dry food for pets and packages its dog and cat food under its own brand name and via private labels. Fides Petfood’s dog and cat food is sold in supermarkets and specialty stores around the world.