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Testimonials from clients


Excellent camera surveillance at International Transport Bellekens

International Transport Bellekens from Heist-op-den-Berg specialises in groupage and partial transport from the Benelux to France. Gert Bellekens: “For many years we have been a loyal customer of A&E Security. In 2003 they installed our access control, burglar alarm and fire protection systems, and they also ensure the yearly maintenance4. In addition, we make use of the services of the alarm receiving centre and the Remote Support Centre. In case of an alert, A&E Security remotely checks whether the alarm is false or genuine. This is a great comfort, since it saves us a great deal of worries, time-consuming processes and money.”

Focus on clear camera images

Gert Bellekens: “When A&E Security called me in late 2012 for a customer satisfaction survey, I brought up my camera surveillance system – from another supplier. The images were blurred and therefore useless. A&E Security investigated the situation and optimised our 32 cameras. Now everything is working perfectly. What’s more, all my security systems are now provided by one partner. Very handy, I now only have one contact.”

Step by step

Gert Bellekens: “A&E Security spread the work over various phases. This way we were able to spread our budget as well. This was an advantage! The focus was on an efficient, stable and user-friendly system, which we got. Now I can keep an eye on things anywhere in the world with my tablet computer or smartphone. And the quality of our new cameras is phenomenal: our images are in colour and the sharpness is excellent. Moreover, our camera images can now be used as verification in case of an alert. The alarm receiving centre and  the Remote Support Centre check the images and inform the police right away if necessary.”

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