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fire protection

Do not let your hard work go up in flames
The statistics prove that few companies survive a fire unscathed. Fire can cause human suffering and direct material damage as well as indirect damage to your company! Indeed, you can lose valuable intellectual property. The continuity of your business is seriously disrupted. And your image is badly damaged. The consequences can often be felt for months afterwards.

Prevention is better than cure
Do not let your efforts go up in flames. Invest in excellent fire protection for your offices and industrial installations. From A&E Security, of course! Our specialists not only take your activity into account but also environmental factors such as your premises’ location and your building’s structure. In addition, they map all possible sources of ignition and fire risk factors. In doing so, they take dust, moisture, condensation and extreme temperatures into consideration. The result: you get a customised security plan that fulfils the requirements of the fire brigade and your insurance company, and that complies with the applicable regulations.

Your formula to achieve success from a fire protection system
Reduce fire damage through a customised fire protection system from A&E Security.
The basic components of your customised solution:
  • the fire alarm control panel with conventional or analogue addressable detection
  • pull stations or call points for manual fire alarm activation
  • electronic detectors such as point detectors, beam detectors, heat-sensitive cables, air sampling, IR³ detectors and thermographic cameras
  • sirens on site for warning and evacuation

Our partners

Your business or organisation has much to lose from a burglary or fire. Your goods can be stolen or become unsaleable. You need to repair the damage to your premises. Your staff lives in fear. Maybe you even have to close your business for a while! So take the necessary precautions and make intruders think again:
Don’t take any risks when it comes to your security. Your most precious belongings and – what's worse – the lives of your loved ones are at stake. Alarm systems deter intruders, so that they will pass over your home. Or they are caught red-handed. As a result, they do not escape punishment and the damage you suffer is limited.

A&E Security has been making a difference for 30 years

We've had to work hard every day to earn 12,000 references, 65 experienced employees and 4 Belgian establishments. Indeed, our satisfied customers make A&E Security one of the largest security installers in Belgium, and a leader in innovative security solutions. Read more