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Integrated systems

Your total solution: an integrated security system
As a security manager you always keep track of the situation. In this case a total solution is not just handy (as it is more user-friendly), it also increases your security, since you use your systems more efficiently. Such a total solution is one of A&E Security’s strong points. So rely on us for the perfect integration of your burglar alarm, fire protection system, camera surveillance system, perimeter protection system and access control system, and optimise your security system.

Manage your integrated system with HERA software
Do you wish to manage your security system in a quick, simple and well-organized manner? This is possible! With HERA software for burglar alarm, access control and camera surveillance you create an integrated virtual system. And your security system is watertight! Here are some examples: managing codes and badges is child’s play, even at hundreds of sites. You can operate your system at any place and at any moment you want by means of a virtual keypad. You have all reports and an as-built dossier to inform your superior(s).

Benefit from HERA software
An integrated system makes things easier for you. Discover the management advantages:
  • You manage your security systems (access control, burglar alarm etc.) centrally and remotely.
  • You view every alert: intrusion, fire, entrance, camera surveillance.
  • At every alert you receive the accompanying instructions.
  • You handle every alarm quickly and efficiently.
  • You always keep track of the situation thanks to a neatly arranged graphic visual in Autocad.
  • You manage codes and badges in a very simple manner.
  • You receive extensive easy-reference reports.
  • Continued network surveillance through polling
Your business or organisation has much to lose from a burglary or fire. Your goods can be stolen or become unsaleable. You need to repair the damage to your premises. Your staff lives in fear. Maybe you even have to close your business for a while! So take the necessary precautions and make intruders think again:
Don’t take any risks when it comes to your security. Your most precious belongings and – what's worse – the lives of your loved ones are at stake. Alarm systems deter intruders, so that they will pass over your home. Or they are caught red-handed. As a result, they do not escape punishment and the damage you suffer is limited.

A&E Security has been making a difference for 30 years

We've had to work hard every day to earn 12,000 references, 65 experienced employees and 4 Belgian establishments. Indeed, our satisfied customers make A&E Security one of the largest security installers in Belgium, and a leader in innovative security solutions. Read more