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access control

Who may enter where and when? You decide!
With access control you are pulling the strings, whether you live in a house or a flat, a residential area or student facilities. Improve your living comfort as well as your security with access control. You determine who’s welcome and who’s not. In return, you get peace of mind. For instance, you know perfectly when your daughter is coming home after an evening out or when the cleaner is leaving.

More living comfort thanks to access control
Keys and the accompanying problems and fuss belong to the past thanks to access control. This is a good thing as keys are often the weakest link in your security system. With the right access control system you do not have to rack your brains over a lost key anymore. You do not have to change your locks if your key has been stolen. You do not need to have copies of a key made or distribute them among your children, neighbours, etc. In addition, you do not have to stay in if someone comes to work in your home. A temporary code will open the door in your stead.

Your formula to achieve success from access control
Access control is a complex matter, so call in a specialist: A&E Security. We install the latest technologies such as badge or PIN code systems, and fingerprint and iris scanners. They are highly reliable and user-friendly:

• Only those who may enter are given access without any fuss with keys.
• Unwanted duplication of keys belongs to the past.
• In the event of losing one key, you do not need to replace all locks.
• You manage your entrance door remotely via special software.

Access control has more advantages than you think
An additional advantage is that we perfectly integrate your access control system into your other security systems. For instance, combine it with a camera system and view who enters. Or open your door remotely.Did you know that you benefit from a € 760 tax credit if you have your access control system installed by an accredited expert?
Discover all tax advantages of security systems.

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Your business or organisation has much to lose from a burglary or fire. Your goods can be stolen or become unsaleable. You need to repair the damage to your premises. Your staff lives in fear. Maybe you even have to close your business for a while! So take the necessary precautions and make intruders think again:
Don’t take any risks when it comes to your security. Your most precious belongings and – what's worse – the lives of your loved ones are at stake. Alarm systems deter intruders, so that they will pass over your home. Or they are caught red-handed. As a result, they do not escape punishment and the damage you suffer is limited.

A&E Security has been making a difference for 30 years

We've had to work hard every day to earn 12,000 references, 65 experienced employees and 4 Belgian establishments. Indeed, our satisfied customers make A&E Security one of the largest security installers in Belgium, and a leader in innovative security solutions. Read more