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The remote support centre will take care of your concerns
In case of a traditional alarm system you come into action during an alarm. Indeed, the alarm receiving centre immediately calls your list of contacts. Fortunately, false alarms are frequent: the system was set too late or not at all, the sensitive technology reacted to rough weather or animals, etc. Unfortunately, traditional alarm receiving centres only filter out ten percent of these unwanted alarms! This means you are stuck with all costs and inconveniences of the remaining ninety percent. This is not the case with A&E Security!

Our remote support centre filters out up to 80% of your unwanted alarms
We spend 300 seconds instead of 30 seconds on processing each alarm signal. These are precious seconds as they give you peace of mind and certitude! How? Our alarm receiving centre consults directly with our remote support center at every alarm and in case of an operational or technical problem. A technical adviser is on standby night and day, including at the weekend. He immediately logs into the heart of your system and filters out any unwanted alarms, or solves your technical or operational problem. And that’s that!

You save up to 75% of your intervention costs
The result: your business or your loved ones are 100% secure, but you receive 75% less unwanted notifications. And nuisance or inconvenience is reduced by 75%. Or do you like being called out of bed needlessly? Also consider the time, money and anxious moments you save! And your property continues to be insured at a lower cost. The evidence is provided to you in a crystal-clear report.  An additional advantage is that our remote interventions are harmless to the environment since your ecological footprint decreases considerably.