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Testimonials from clients


Close to you

We are close to you – in both senses of the word
Our service does not stop after the installation of your system. It has only just begun! So you can rely on our expertise for maintenance and repair as well. In case of alarm, you can count on our alarm receiving centre and our remote support centre – unique in Belgium. Rapid and efficient action is guaranteed. You can set your mind at ease!

There is always an A&E specialist near you
We are close to you, quite literally. There is always an A&E technical adviser near you in Belgium. We have 4 establishments (in Bruges, Sint-Niklaas, Herentals and Jumet), a team of 65 specialists, and 7 partner enterprises throughout the country: 5 installers, an alarm receiving centre and a remote support centre. In addition, we provide security solutions in northern France and the Netherlands. This is convenient if you have branches in other countries!

Member of the Connex group
Union is strength. We therefore joined forces with 4 other well-established Belgian installers in 2011. The result: the Connex Group. A hundred percent Belgian and with a century of combined experience. What is the benefit for you? With eight establishments throughout Belgium, there is always a Connex partner near you.